Psych . . .

Well, friends . . . we lost a great one last night. After eight (unlikely) seasons Psych has hidden its final pineapple, given its last alias to Shawn's partner, and given Carlton Lassiter nothing left to want to shoot.

It is not hyperbole to say that I've cried over the end of this show a few times in the recent past. First when it was confirmed what was long feared - the show would end this season, then when the musical aired (I loved it for what it was but hated it for not doing anything to extend the plot lines of the show or to even connect in with the season before it in a compelling way). I did so again yesterday morning knowing tonight would be the last new delicious flavor USA would serve. Finally, last night as the episode ended and the live fan/cast/creators/etc. program began.

WHY do I get so upset about Psych ending? I sorta hate pop culture lovers (I know, I know) and luckily a good chunk of pop culture lovers hated Psych. The ratings were never great. People who loved Arrested Development and Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly made no time for a show that rapid fired dialogue jokes, stocked the shelves with visual jokes, and gave nods to just about everything (the few things, frankly) that made the 80s great (including cameos, guest spots, and character names that paid due homage). The show was not afraid to take risks and be out there (a Psycho episode, a Clue episode, a musical, etc.) and there was only enough drama and tension between characters to keep a comedy interesting.

I could watch Psych and see the cast having a great time making the show. I follow the (Tweeting) entire cast, the writers, the show itself, and a few creators on Twitter. They all banter back and forth and support each other in their endeavors. They seem to really love each other - something I doubt is as real as I want it to be and something I am sure is very rare in the entertainment business today.

Finally, the FANS of Psych (Psych-Os) are what made the show truly wonderful. Hashtags and parody accounts and blogs and spoiler pages and Wikipedia homages oh my! There was never any lack of fun to be had, year round, in the community of Psych fans (it is worth nothing that social media passion likely kept the show on the air as long as it did - the ratings didn't really justify it there toward the end).

The first thing I did with my Roku on Christmas Day, 2011 was binge on Seaons 1 and 2 of Psych. The ONLY reason I considered getting cable in August 2012 was to keep up with Psych (why bother - the show is available (for about $20/season) on Google Play and can be streamed, gratis (in limited batches) on USA's website).

Was Psych for everyone? No. It is only for people who love delicious flavor. WHAT?