Here We Go. Again . . .

Dear Readers -

I, Sean Amore, am a fat man. I have always been a fat man. There is no "power" in the word "fat" (this really is true - it does not apply to racial slurs or hate speech but - in this case, it IS true) but there is power in accepting and self-labeling when one is fat (the negative, dark, undesired side of "obesity" or "big-boneded-ness" or "curvy" or "voluptuous" (you ladies get all the euphemisms)). I'm fat. In the old school Disney villain way.

I have became physically lazy since last-October. I've run a grand total of 28 times (vs. 20x/month while training) since my half marathon. I have not been consistently happy at work. I have not been a good friend to the handful of friends I still have in this world (this is not a "poor me" statement, I am very stingy with the word "friend" and who I slap it on). I dipped a toe in the dating pool and it was way harder and less fulfilling than I thought it might be.

Seven years after my gastric bypass, I am the WRONG statistic. I am not as heavy or heavier than I was (no where near it, thank you very much) but I'm one of the people that didn't get the mental component right and didn't get the long-term, life long benefits of the procedure.

Now, I have to do the work - again - and I'm starting. Again. Having made great progress on eliminating social media and smart phone reliance for social engagement in my life, the following are my new commitments (that I post here since it seems to be the only space in my life that I'm 100% honest all the time).


1) No more soda. (True story - I am more uneasy about this vow than you can imagine.)
2) Four work-outs (running, walking, swimming, yoga, or other) per week every week. Period.
3) No foods that come in to the prepping/cooking process with more than five ingredients. Period.
4) Two bananas per day. Everyday.
5) Counseling once a week, every week.
6) One book read every two weeks.
7) One phone call with an old friend every week.
8) Cut out the clutter in my life in terms of people, commitments, and engagements that don't help me.
9) Add more positive noise to my life in terms of people, commitments, and engagements that help me.
10) Commit myself to loving and being loved. (Sorry if that made you throw up in your mouth.)

I'm going to invest in more fitness gear, books on diet and health, and positive distractions than you might have ever dreamed (first step . . . I am buying kettlebells, protein powders, and marital aids (no, not really on that last one (I already own several (no, not really (I own one (no, not really)))) and I am going to become one of "those assh*les" that takes his commitments to physical and mental well being seriously.

Yes. I'm deadly serious. The April Fool's Day post will come out tomorrow.