Spoiler Alert . . .

The following is a REAL interaction that I just had with a colleague in the break room here at the office.

(SETTING: Kitchen/break room for 80-person company. Leftovers from catered, barbecue lunch litter the table and the smell of smoked meats hangs in the air. On far wall a large TV hangs and NBC's coverage of the Olympic games BOOMS out of the speakers with HD visuals to accompany. Two colleagues enter room from separate entrances at opposite sides of the room at about the same time. One is there to file mail, one is the to get another Diet Mtn Dew before his energy and patience drops to a point where someone must pay and pay dearly.)

ANNOUNCER: "A valiant game, well fought and played and certainly both nations can take pride in the effort shown here."  (visual of women on ice (presumably a womens hockey team based on quantity of them and that they were standing on ice, etc.))

COLLEAGUE: "Oh DARN IT (she actually said "darn it")! (turns back quickly to the TV to not see anything) I didn't want to know who won this game. Oh well. They probably won't reshow it anyway."

ME: "Well. I don't know that it is ruined. You can't really tell what medals are being presented and, since this was the gold medal game, BOTH teams will get a medal. You could still watch it tonight."

COLLEAGUE: "That is not true. I saw them handing out gold medals."

ME: "But did you see what team they were giving them to?"


ME: "See - there you go! The suspense is still real."

COLLEAGUE: "You are so full of sh*t when you make these things up."

ME: (cracks open Diet Mtn Dew, gulps quickly, hopes its effects are immediate, walks out of room)