Life Coach . . .

Several months ago I made a promise to my friends, family, and strangers who read my blog that if they gave and gave BIG to my favorite thing in the airwaves (KMUW), I would make my own sacrifices including going to see a LIFE COACH.

A few things to get clear . . .

1) I'm super, super skeptical of any career or profession where your job has no tangible results. I don't mean you have to build stuff with your hands to be a "real" person but I mean you have to have a goal or objective that you are held accountable for (a good hair cut, a perfect latte, something you built with your hands, etc.)

2) I'm super, super skeptical of any career or profession that is based on human interaction that you can get your "terminal degree" in while never actually interacting with a human. It would be like a dentist never touching teeth or a person who built stuff with their hands never building anything with their hands.

3) I am a friggin' MARKETER so if I was going to criticize how people make their living the stones and the glass houses would be soul crushing.

Okay - disclaimers aside - I held up my end of the bargain back in December. Twice. I could not get approval from EITHER life coach I met with (one male, one female . . . both based here in Wichita) to name them publicly. I was open with them that I was meeting with them out of obligation, that I was skeptical of what they did for a living, and - at the end of each session - I told them both they did very little to persuade me of the validity of their careers so - I can see them NOT wanting to be named. That's cool.

For what it is worth . . . they were both VERY passionate about helping people. They were both VERY professional in the session I had with them. They were both VERY open to finding ways that we might work together to get some positive results. We were both VERY friendly, warm, kind, and willing to endure me.

Bottom line . . . I think there are people out there that would find real, hard value in a life coach. Yep. I said it. There is something there . . . sorta.

Here's the problem . . . I'm a "hard driver" (as one of them put it). I have goals and objectives for each day, week, month, quarter, and year. I have two sets of all those, technically (one personal, one professional). I know who I am professionally. I know who I am spiritually. I know who I am sexually (yes, that was an exploration for one of the folks I met with). I know who I am as an ex-husband, father, son, brother, uncle. I have friends. I have a shrink. I am obsessive compulsive so my closet, home, office, and life are pretty well in order. I have a financial planner. I have a very sound, tight framework for the chaos of my life to run on top of.

IF I didn't have all that stuff going on. If I didn't have a direction and a plan and a path and a strategy and if I didn't have a good network of friends, family, and other professionals that can and do hold me accountable and so on . . . I would love a life coach. I would NEED a life coach. I'd be a GOOD client to and for a life coach.

I may not be able to build anything with my hands but I can acknowledge someone making something out of nothing and life coaches do just that - all day, errrrrrryday.