House of Cards, Season 2 . . .

I will not spoil any part of season two of House of Cards for you (but - for real - if you have not yet binged on the new season you were clearly NOT that excited for it so shame on you) but I will say this . . . it was way more absurd, way more implausible, way more ridiculous, and way, way more amazing than the first season.

Taking down the entire second season in 21 hours (including sleeping for eight hours, running some errands, and a few hours of shopping with a friend) was something I just could not resist doing even though I knew, as I hit "play" on the last episode that I would be super, duper sad 51 minutes later knowing I had to wait another YEAR to hit "play" on another new episode.

By the time (spoiler free - keep reading) Frank Underwood double-raps the desk and strikes an otherwise iconic pose in the final shot, I didn't care.

It. Was. Amazing. Hats off to everyone involved with a show that could ONLY be done the way it is being done (although I will say that ABC's Scandal, when binge-watched on Netflix is not that much less amazing). I will wait until NEXT February to get my fix . . . you just make sure it is worth it.

In the meantime - a parody that is totally worth watching.