Two Thousand and Fourteen . . .

Someone messaged me the other day and asked me about my goals and resolutions process. It is long and complicated to explain (and admittedly very, very complicated for no apparent reason) but there was a little nugget in the note that I thought made sense. It was this . . .

"If you could share even a few of your final products it might help me out."

I can do that. I will do that. I would like to do that.

HERE - without context or insight as to how or why they are here - are a few of my 19 2014 Goals and Objectives (the other 14 are more "private"):
  1. Finalize my conversion and start living a more Jewish life (reflective of the commandments and mitzvot)
  2. Finalize the chaos of the home my family shared - whatever resolution is needed
  3. Read 26 books - all with their own tone, theme, and direction
  4. Attend or host one funeral, two weddings, three parties, four game nights, and five special occasions
  5. See my best friends from college - live and in the flesh
That's it. Pretty simple. I have 363 days left to do these and the fourteen others. I feel pretty good about it.