New Year's Resolutions . . .

That's some sweet-assed clipart up there, right?!
Good morning, revelers. Up and attem, partiers. Happy Wednesday, those who largely treat today like any other day. Go geddem, "It is a new year, it is a new me-ers.". Settle down, resolution makers.

I am fairly insane with goals and objectives. I set them and update them religiously. I have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals for my professional and personal development (they commonly overlap but not by intent).

I make my daily goals every night before going to bed when my brain wants to settle down. I set my weekly goals every Sunday as part of my errands/groceries/laundry/etc. routine. My monthly goals are set in the late-20s of the prior month and quarterlies are done early in the last month of the prior quarter. My annual goals (which do start on January 1st . . . I am considering moving to the Jewish calendar for symbolic reasons) are set by December 1st.

Why not set them more in the moment? Simple . . . no one does their best thinking, dreaming, planning or sight setting when the pressure is on.

If you looked at your watch/cell phone/wall clock/TV at 11:59 PM last night and just threw out a resolution for the coming year - you're probably not going to make that real. It was likely too grand or small, too dramatic or dour. It was in the moment versus something you really want to accomplish (think about those Snickers bars at the grocery store check out).

Do yourself a favor if you are a "resolution" maker . . . think about it/them for the day. Clear your head. Focus in. Eliminate noise, hangovers, promises to get thin, fit, pretty, or more sex. Take a few days. Think about what you really want or need to do in the coming year for your long term well being. Take all of January. Make sure that when you look at your resolution(s) a day or so after you write them out (and WRITE THEM OUT) they still seem like things you want to knock out in the coming year.

It really won't matter how long it takes to set the resolutions as long as what you settle on is genuine, realistic, achievable, and a challenge . . . and is something you can take the balance of the year achieving.

Happy 2014, people. It is going to be GREAT!