May I Have the Word in a Sentence? . . .

Affection? All fuh-neh-tiks, all the time. 
Soooooo . . . I'm not even a lit embarrassed to admit that one of my favorite things about raising a second-grader is homework. Why? Two reasons:

1) This kid (while I am not implying she is Mensa-bound) is smarter than I give her credit for.
2) The phase in life when you first really start learning to read, write, spell, etc. (as I am with Hebrew right now - 30 years her senior) is sort of amazing to me.

Take, for instance, last night's spelling lesson. The school gives you a sheet of letters to cut up (I would just as soon use my Scrabble tiles) and then you have a list of about 20 words that the student must spell out and use in a sentence. One of the more difficult words (according to the sheet) on the list was affection.

NOW . . . I know how to spell affection. I've used the word a few million times but I'll admit that I had to, at some point, learn how to spell it (and I probably did a poor job of learning - I often struggle with double consonants (I can never spell embarrassed without hesitation, I'm embarrassed to admit)). The kid did just fine on her first attempt (photographed above) but what struck me was what happened after we, collaboratively, spelled it correctly. Her sentence . . . specifically that she didn't know how to put it in a sentence. Instead she asked a question . . .

"What is affection?"

Well . . . uh . . . you see honey . . . when a man and a woman (or man and a man or woman and a woman by early-2014) love each other VERY much. I kid, I kid. I was far more direct about it. "Affection is hugging, kissing, hand holding, cuddling, and sharing time touching someone you love."

Her follow up question (you'll spot a trend here) was less simple "So do you show affection to your parents?"

"Yes, I do." (Full disclosure the Amores are very, very affectionate and we hug, kiss, hold hands, and cuddle even as adults) "Just like mommy and I are affectionate with you."

"Do you show affection to your friends?"

"I do. (Fuller disclosure I love hugging people I know and enjoy more than the world might ever understand or accept) "You can be affectionate with anyone you love."

"Were you and mommy affectionate?"

"Yes. We were very affectionate including ways that are reserved for very special relationships and we are still affectionate." (Fullest disclosure I still enjoy my ex-wife so I still hug her just about every time I see her)

"Will you ever love anyone like you loved mommy and be affectionate with them like you were with her?"

"Spell 'preen' and use it in a sentence."