Short Days . . .

There are three our four weeks out of the year (going on now, candidly) that I really don't like. They are the short days of mid-December through mid-January. We all (some of us) know that because of the way the earth travels around the sun (if these two things are even real and if one moves at all) these are the weeks where our part of the big, blue ball is tilted away from the sun which means, simply, shorter amounts of daylight and colder, bleaker weather.

I'm from Upstate. We get REAL winters there. Four/five months long. Cold. Snow. Wind. Ice. No excuses. Tough. And I'm fine with that. Give me some rock salt, a shovel, a warm set of mittens, and some tea when it is over and I'll make it work but these short days and grey skies can't go fast enough here, there, or anywhere.

I hate that I'm heading to work and the sun is still not really up. I hate that the sun will be down by the time I leave work. I hate that the sky will likely be grey for the duration in the middle. It doesn't depress me - it just frustrates me. It reminds me that opportunities are quick, windows are small, decisions have to be made, and darkness will almost always beat the light if you're not smart with your time.

Of course six months from now we'll have hot, sunny, long days when the sun will beat down on us with reckless abandon and I'll complain about how much I hate the heat and how much I still miss the more moderate summers of Upstate.

Maybe I'm just one of "those people" that always wants what I don't have and that doesn't ever really appreciate the moments - grey and short or bright and long - when they are mine. Maybe I'm just one of "those people" that really does obsess over the weather and the world all the time. Maybe I'm just one of those people that doesn't like a bleak world to hang over me. Maybe I'm all of the above.

Either way - hurry up, mid-January.