Pay It Forward/Merry Christmas/Ugh . . .

Sooooo I am "working" today (using quotes to showcase the relative nature of the word) and my morning routine was altered by taking the kiddo to her grandparent's house so I figured I would swing through McDonald's to get an iced latte thingy vs. my normal bucket of Diet Mtn Dew (no quotes because it is a literal representation of the cup I drink from).

So I wait my turn and when I drive up to the window I expect to be charged about $3 for my drink but to my true delight, the car in front of me decided to Pay It Forward (Christmas Edition). What is a guy to do? Pay. It. Forward.

"Fantastic," I exhault. "I'd like to pay for the car behind me, please." (hands debit card to cashier).

"That is very nice of you," I'm told.

Get receipt, look down . . . $39.46.

Yes. The car behind me got nearly FORTY DOLLARS of McDonald's breakfast (for the record that is like one of EVERYTHING). 13x my intended cost for the morning later, I pull forward and try to focus on the joy of a free coffee and the (presumed) joy the guy behind me got a few seconds later. I really did feel good about it but my wallet is not sure it agrees.

Merry Christmas (to all who indulge)!