Merry Christmas . . .

Well . . . it is that time once again. The celebration of the birth of the Christ child by all believers, retail establishments, and our church-free federal government. Having been raised a Catholic and having a daughter that enjoys both sides of the Judeo-Christian coin the day is still special in many ways. A nice opportunity to spend family time with my ex and my daughter and a  good excuse to call my family (something I do too rarely). It is also a good chance to just sort of mark a year but I do that post too much.

So, instead, I will simply wish all of you - no matter if you are celebrating or not, alone or surrounded, happy or sad, warm or cold, drunk or sober, good or bad, content or yearning - a very, very Merry Christmas in the slightly boiled-back sense that it is intended . . . that life begins, salvation can be had, and nothing should ever bring us true dismay.