Thanksgivukkah . . .

So today is a very rare thing . . . the intersection of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. You may have heard this is the only time it will ever happen (not true but is certainly the only time our lifetimes) and you may be unclear what it really means to you so I would simply offer you this thought . . . appreciation.

Hanukkah is about the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem at around the time the Maccabeas were doing their thing. The eight day long celebration of light speaks to the notion that the people, land, and nation of Israel and the Jewish faith would/will go on.

Thanksgiving, while we believe it to be about gluttony, is really (sorta) about appreciation for a bountiful harvest that would get people through a long, forth-coming winter and the notion that the people, land, and nations that partook would go on.

BOTH holidays are religious at their core. BOTH holidays are about struggle through adversity. BOTH holidays are about family, friends, and appreciation. That everyone eats super, super well for both (keep in mind the theme for Hanukkah is oil so the latkes and the donuts (sufganiyot) and all the other fried food awesomeness rivals the carb-heavy greatness of a pre-winter meal) is just gravy. See what I did there? GRAVY!

Anywho - as these two holidays are coinciding this year many people have asked me (as though I speak for alllllll the Jews) what "we" are doing for Thanksgivukkah. Well . . . since you asked . . .

  • We. are. ready. 
  • We have our Menurkey (lit the first candle last night) . . .

  • Later this morning, we will hit "play" on our Hanukkah play list, slice up our challah loaf for French Toasting and we will read Hershel (for the 90th time . . . I love it)
  • After my daughter goes with her mother for Thanksgiving dinner and all the festivities that go with it I will either spend the afternoon with friends who have been wonderful enough to invite me to spend time with them or do a little reading and/or watch a little Netflix or The Hebrew Hammer on DVD. 
  • The kiddo will be back with me in the evening, we'll light candle number two and then - by Friday morning - it will be JUST Hanukkah. 
I hope, whatever you are doing or however you are spending the holiday(s) you take a few minutes to pause and reflect on the many, many things we all have (no matter how crappy things fell in the moment) to really, truly appreciate. They are everywhere and, like how long a flask of oil might burn, we make too many assumptions and take too many of the great things and people in our life for granted. 

ONCE every several thousand years - as these holidays overlap - we should take a minute to right that wrong. From all of me to all of you - HAPPY THANKSGIVUKKAH!