Sweater Weather . . .

Sing it with me . . . "It's the most wonDERful time oftheyearrrr." Yes, yes. I'm sure the song was about a holiday season that fell on us on Friday and will last through January 7th for all your Christmas lovers (secular and otherwise) but for me the most wonderful time of the year is right now . . . sweater weather.

Yes. The days a schlubby man lives for are upon us as v-necks, crew necks, cardigans, and sweater vests can finally come off the shelves and get on my shoulders every, single day. And. They. Shall.

And sweater weather is not just good for the obese. No-no. It is good for skinny people (you all get super cold, super easily, right?). It is good for the young. Good for the old. Good for the fashion forward and the fashion neutral. Good for the goose, good for the gander. (Seriously, ladies - just get yourselves a Land's End catalog and know you'll look fantastic all the days of your lives.)

The only people sweater weather is NOT good for are people with hearts full of hate and toxic sludge. Okay - that is not true - but STILL! Have you ever met a sweater you didn't like? Have you ever seen someone in a sweater and not thought . . . they look pretty darned good? No. No you have not. You should not have at least. Is your heart full of hate and sludge? It is, isn't it?!

I really don't know why I love sweater weather so much but I am only going to analyze it as much as needed to justify picking up one of those pumpkiny-salmony numbers there, second from the left, in the picture.