Favorite Childhood Toy . . .

Yeah, ladies. That's really me. With toys. Meow!
As we get ready to kindle Hanukkah's light at sundown, I thought it might be a good time to reflect back to my own childhood (no - there is no direct connection between Hanukkah and childhood) and my favorite childhood toy.

I wasn't really all that toy-crazy as a kid. Never owned any toy guns. No sports equipment (that I can really remember) and no really electronics devices or video games. I did own and go through a lot of dolls/stuffed animals/action figures and arts and crafts supplies and costumes and things that helped me with my imagination and creativity. There was ONE toy that I loved, loved, loved that combined the physical act of building stuff and the creativity that dominated most of my playtime . . . CONSTRUX.

Made by Fisher-Price for the bulk of the 80s . . . these plastic toys were like erector (vs. erection) sets but with less metal and more moving parts. I owned THOUSANDS of pieces of CONSTRUX toys. Many, many thousand. And I would sit for hours and hours and hours and play with them. I'd build houses and cars (like the one I took to my family portrait session (above)) and maybe boats and planes. Bridges. Nuclear shelters (it was the mid-80s, we worried about that crap). The occasional rocket ship. A robot. It didn't matter. As long as I had my CONSTRUX, I was happy.

I think they are still at my parent's house. I should find out and have them sent to me if they are. I wonder if my daughter would enjoy playing with them (which is code for "I could play with them again the 50% of the time she is with her mother.) and I wonder why all this 80s nostalgia and "everything old is new again" bologna has not put these toys back on the toy shelves.

Regardless - they were a strong part of my childhood and for that, I thank them.