DonaSean Update . . .

Yes. I make my child volunteer at KMUW.
As was my constant utter for a few weeks a few weeks ago, I'm a huge fan of KMUW! I wanted to, again, thank everyone for their support of the station and SPECIFICALLY thank those that participated in DonaSean 2013. We (my little corner of the world) had a record-setting campaign and we beat my overly absurd expectations with very little "matching fund" help and for that - I'm grateful.

Of course there is housekeeping. An update on where I am with my part of this grand bargain.

$500 Level - I DID help. You helped. THANKS.

$750 Level - Apparent there are NO "paint your own" pottery places in Wichita so I'm working with CityArts to get in to one of their classrooms to do a little glazing.

$1,000 Level - Coffee drank. Repulsive sh*t, people. Truly. But I did it. Every day.

$1,250 Level - The "boobs ban" continues. We're over 18 months in to it. I can barely remember what it was like to be HONEST about my obsessions at this point. You're welcome, those who don't like a little titillation in their Twitter feeds.

$1,500 Level - I went. I bought. I even ate the sugar-free brownie. The truth? It was not horrible. But the "Sugar Sisters" (whatever combination of them are involved at this point) is/are. Blek.

$1,750 Level - We'll do the Q&A on Friday, November 29th at 5 PM CT. Yes. That is intentionally chosen. NO ONE wants to do this one, right?!

$2,000 Level - If I'm being honest, I thought my friends Justin and Bailey were going to make the "go on a date with a woman" portion of this challenge absolutely horrible. And they (Justin, specifically) tried. BUT thankfully Justin has a wonderful wife named Jennifer and she has a great friend that was willing to "take one for the team" and I actually enjoyed the evening. And have plans to see her again. So THERE!

$2,250 Level - I'm waiting for instructions from Megan but I did play a little "defense" by getting my hair cut short enough that it would not really take a dye and it was not long enough for extensions to be woven in. BAM!

$2,500 Level - I ordered these bad boys last week. They are on back order. I know, right?! As soon as they get here - the friction begins.

$3,000 Level - I went swimming in the Arkansas. I will someday be known simply as "Patient Zero."


$3,500 Level - Friend and fellow marketer Jennifer Szambecki cast the $3,499th dollar (a bonus donation - she gives big to begin with) and she opted for us to run a 5K together in December. She is way faster than I am so we'll only see each other at the start line but we'll run on December 14th. PLEASE join us. The more the merrier. That is a holiday 5K pun, people. You're welcome.

$4,000 Level - I've been looking at these alleged professionals (I'm more and more dubious with each website, candidly) but there are apparently 1,000 officially certified "life coaches" in Wichita alone and there are plenty of others who dare offer their services (ahem) without so much as a bought-and-sold certificate. I'll get with one of them. Soon. I promise/fear/resent.