Human Will . . .

I've dipped my toe in the "running" pond, I remember once (in the spring of 1998) having hunger pangs and not having food immediately available, and I would like to think I'm a man of resolve, dedication, and a drive to succeed. But when I watch this video . . . wow.

The group tracking, the decision on who will be the runner, the willingness to run for 8 hours in intense heat without a long rest and a hydration effort in the hours before (and in THOSE shoes?), the notion of truly respecting the prey, and the idea that your eight hour chase would all be for naught if the animal is stronger, faster, more elusive, or just luckier than you. THAT, my friends, is human will. THAT is dedication and resolve. THAT is respect for the gifts you have been given and the things you have earned. THAT is doing what needs to be done to provide for those you love and for your own body. THAT is inspiring.

Go do something great today - using a spear or otherwise.