Forbidden Fruit . . .

I've been thinking a lot lately about the book of Genesis. No - I don't mean the entire catalog of the rock group . . . I mean THE book of Genesis - as in the start of the Torah, the Judeo-Christian Big Bang Debunker.

Specifically about one part of the book - the forbidden fruit.

A couple of disclaimers . . .
1) There is literally no way the forbidden fruit was an apple. It was either carob, a fig, or a pomegranate - I like the fig theory, I'll allow for an ultra anti-oxidanty pomegranate (I'm no biblical scholar, I just blog about crap that pops in to my head).
2) For this post to make sense you have to believe that there is a G-d(s) and that they/he/she/it created everything.
2) The whole notion, in my never humble opinion (see disclaimer immediately above) that if the earliest of humans were not supposed to eat the forbidden fruit than G-d would not have put the fruit in the garden is absurd.

Of the above disclaimers (with a nested disclaimer) only ONE really interests me (you want to believe the forbidden fruit was an apple . . . go crazy. Seriously. And if you don't believe in G-d that's fine, too, but believe in SOMETHING - please (family, kids, chocolate eclairs, shoe sales) . . . the notion that we would somehow not "see" or "want" things that were not meant for us.

Want proof? Here are just a few, off the top of my head, examples of things we are not meant to see and yet are out there . . .
  1. Gifts from "Santa" hidden away in the garage attic or other places your parents hid them
  2. Nude selfies of a buddy's special lady friend (former or current)
  3. Your grandmother, topless
  4. Your grandfather, bottlomless
  5. A couple ending their relationship (regardless of how unfunny the acting is) in public
  6. Pacific Rim (the motion picture)
  7. Where Chicken McNuggets come from
  8. Anything Cameron Diaz will tell you she's "proud" of making
  9. Katie Couric getting a colonoscopy on live, national, morning television. Thrice.
  10. The way the New York Giants are playing this year. 
  11. Katie Grover use her fingers to approximate the size of a Cesarean incision (she has NO idea how large a fetal skull is . . . NONE . . . and is pregnant with her second child).
  12. Bourbon Street at 6:45 AM. On a Tuesday. In July.
  13. Angela Merkel "making love" (unless it is with you, at which point it is a beautiful moment you should be fully present in)
  14. Hobby Lobby's Hanukkah section
  15. Parsley in one's teeth LONG AFTER the date has ended
Okay. We good? Can we all agree that we've seen (or can imagine seeing) everyone of those things and yet we know they are not meant for us to see? Okay. Cool. More importantly - going back to the Garden of Eden - can we agree that the world is full of things that G-d put (t)here that no one is meant to see, have, experience, etc.?

Why am I rambling about G-d and if he/she/it/they would taunt us with things? Simple . . . because temptation, in my never humble opinion, is the entire point of life. It has to be present and it has to be seen or heard or felt or smelled or tasted (the weakest of all the senses as you loyal readers know) for us to stay on the proverbial rails.

If you are a competitive swimmer, you have to see the person in the next lane that is about your size and shape but four seconds faster than you to keep you working harder. If you are a chef, you have to see that bastard down the street getting a James Beard award . . . again . . . to keep your cuisine fresh. If you are on a budget you have to see a Coach purse you love (or whatever material object you covet) to get you to save a little something that you might some day have it (or new brake pads - which is what you'll probably end up buying). If you are an aspirant politician you have to have an election on the horizon you can/might/should/win (until you realize your past is not that far buried).

But here's the rub - for this to work it can't all be attainable. It can't all be had. It can't all be "allowed" by the forces of nature that push us along. You have to lose. You have to walk (swim?) away. You have to be compelled to push your emotional urges (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy (I'll let you keep SOME pride)) down and you have to be able to see the lesson or moral or value in missing out.

And you will miss out. You'll see something you really want. It could be Angela Merkel on Bourbon Street at 6:45 AM. It might be a new car. It might be as simple as a book out of stock on Amazon.com or it might be as complicated as woman or man that captures your attention or it could be a fig/pomegranate/apple in a garden FULL of food (and turkeys - if the painting above is to be believed).

You can't have those things. You have to see the value and the lesson in not getting them. You CAN still have so many other things in the world. Remember there was ONE tree and ONE fruit (by extension) excluded from the riches of the Garden of Eden (where all plants and animals were).

You should look at that forbidden fruit and admire it for its isolation and appreciate it in context. Then go eat a banana or an orange or some grapes or something. Heck - get ye a kiwi fruit. You'll eventually be better off for it . . . granted your anti-oxidant level will be lower.