Labor Day . . .

And this is not even the worst piece of clip art I could find.
Today is, apparently, a federal holiday. And - like many of its fellow holidays (July 4th, Memorial Day, Christmas, President's Day, MLK Jr. Day, etc.) it will be spent in one of five ways by your "average" American:

Shopping, Sleeping, Overeating, Obsessively Social Mediaing, and/or Working Anyway.

But why? We. Don't. Know. Once upon a time holidays used to mean something. There was actual value and reason behind/in them. They were appreciated by those who marked them and we paid a wee homage to those that sacrificed that we might have them. And yet how many of you know the true origins of Labor Day? How many of you know how we would, could, and should mark and celebrate the day? How many of you care? No?! No one?! Well, me neither.

I'll just do this - spend a few minutes this morning being grateful that I go to work every day where I have a cubicle of my own, temperature of the air regulated for me, power at my avail, a relative sense of safety and security in my job and in my environment, some technology in my pocket that lets me work and be reachable nearly anywhere, and that I work in a profession and industry and for an employer who gives all federal holidays off. I'll give a nod to all the men and women who get up every day, like me, and go to work in very different situations and who have no such protections or comforts. I'll acknowledge the men and women and children that worked in horrible conditions and doing dreadful things that I might have the opportunity to do what I do now. I fist bump whoever had the heart and intent to establish a holiday to mark the labor that made this country great. I shake a finger at people who don't think we need to spend more money and resources educating and empowering future generations to keep this country great. I do all that on my way out shopping where my real mission for the day will be to secure a bathing suit for my kiddo. Thankfully, for my selfishness, not every business is closed today and some people are working. And for THAT - I thank you. Truly.

Be safe and take thirty seconds to be appreciative today,  y'uns.