Everything Has a Theme . . .

Common thread it is . . . the images tab for "theme" was,
oddly enough, without any rhyme or reason.
In the world there are those who favor "order" and those who crave "chaos." There are those who want everything to be shiny, happy, and bright and those who are only happy when they are unhappy. There are genres of music, books, TV shows, films, and art. There are trends in fashion, language, and behavior. I would argue (and you are welcome to bring your "a" game if you disagree) that everything in life has a theme.

And if that is true than every life has a theme (A + B might as well = C). Take James Taylor, for instance, dude has been whiny for 40 years. At least. Rev. Al Sharpton has been indignant (while no longer obese). Michael Phelps has been in a pool since leaving the womb (presumably). 

Let's get a little closer to home . . . what is YOUR life about? Is there a theme? Is there a common thread? A rhythm? A unifying tone? A passion that has always sort of driven you? A chip on that shoulder that can't be brushed off? 

Think about it. Dig deeper. It is there. I'm sure of it . . . what's that? My theme? ALWAYS ARRIVING, NEVER ARRIVED!