DC Bound . . .

I  did something truly exciting last night. I ate dinner at Freddy's. Okay, okay - that is not the ONLY exciting part of the evening . . . I also booked flights to head east and visit my beloved and often-longed for family.

As I've probably droned on about almost too many times here, I sorta' think of DC as home. I lived in the Foggy Bottom and Eastern Market neighborhoods for six years (I always say eight because even though I lived in Baltimore for the last two, I still worked and socialized in DC every day) and I spent my very important 20s in our nation's capital (not a bad way to do it).

I have sorta' lost touch with all my DC friends over the years, sadly. I was there two years ago and saw a handful of folks and really enjoyed the time but it was short and I didn't get to see some of the people I once thought of as my closest friends. I look at this failure as another "classic" example of how bad I am at relationships and friendship. I don't know why people suffer me at all when I ponder these short comings.

I digress . . . the kid and I are heading east for four glorious days inside (and immediately outside of) the beltway and I could NOT be more thrilled.

This will be my daughter's fifth trip to our nation's capital and, as we have every other time we've gone, we're going to do some things we have not yet done (all Thursday afternoon and during the day Friday (while my brothers and sisters in law are all at work)) . . .

  • I'm going to take her to see my favorite painting in the world - Niagara
  • We're going to walk The Exorcist stairs in Georgetown (no, this won't mean anything to her but it was always one of my favorite touristy gimmicks when people would come visit me)
  • We'll probably have lunch and buy a new book from Kramerbooks 
  • We're going to do the ultimate tourist thing and hit Air and Space (we've avoided it thus far)
  • The Jefferson is on the checklist (the only of the major monuments/memorials we've not hit)
  • We're going to walk the Capitol steps, too
The trip might be considered a failure (for her) if we did NOT go to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaurs . . . again and she's already asked about getting an ice cream sandwich from Potbelly

I'm also going to do a FIRST for me . . . I'm going to run on the National Mall (not sure why this is important to me but I'm really excited about it).

We'll get all my DC love out of my system early and focus on family (the real reason for the trip) the rest of the weekend but I can't tell you how excited I get knowing I have DC time on the calendar!