Beverages . . .

My child pointed, something out to me yesterday that I noticed about myself years and years ago but I honestly don't know if I ever thought anyone else ever noticed it . . . I don't go ANYWHERE without a beverage.

Five minute car ride? I take a drink with me. Meeting in the office? Let me just grab my cup off my desk - I'll be right there. Lunch? Where is the wait staff - I need a beverage.

Now I am not a "drinker" and I try to keep it simple (water, iced tea, diet soda (which I know I should not drink but it is so darned delicious I get weak), hot tea, milk, the occasional iced, sugar free syrup sweetened, milk diluted coffee drink, and an energy drink if I'm really dragging) and I will indulge in sugar free sports drinks after running only (I don't particularly care for the taste of them unless I am sweaty and tired) but there is something about my hands that needs something to drink in one or both of them. I typically think it is about hydration and my allergies and sinuses if I don't stay hydrated and I would like to think it is about general health and nutrition (again - the diet soda aside) but, realistically, it is a crutch to have something to drink at all times.

I act like someone that was raised poor and hungry who won't leave leftover food on a plate (I was not raised poor or hungry and I rarely leave food behind) or a person that grew up with bad parents who decides to be the best. parent. ever. accordingly. It is just some sort of quirk in my personality. I add it to the rest of them and hope no one notices. Except my kid. Who made fun of me. I can't wait until she discovers the rest of my other ticks. I'm screwed.