Distraction . . .

Since returning to work about a month ago, my schedule feels very, very full. As a parent with a full time job, a recent penchant for running, Jewish conversion classes, temple services, a little volunteering, some blood donating, and some hit of a social life . . . it gets sorta' busy. I've had to weed out a LOT of the distractions that I so happily filled my days with all those months of unemployment. LUCKILY there are distractions that I can still find time for in my life. Here - in no particular order - are 9 of the dozen or so things that I spend (not "waste") my little remaining time on.

  • READING - I've decided to limit how much time I spend staring at glowing surfaces and digital images. Right now I'm working my way through three books - the most compelling being Erik Larson's "In the Garden of the Beasts" a fascinating "narrative non-fiction" book that explores America's ambassador to Germany in the early day's of Hitler's power and his family. 
  • HEBREW - I'm FINALLY, 10 months later, starting to get some resonance with my Hebrew studies. Still very, very slow moving but I am willing to publicly boast I might eventually actually get it. 
  • LEGOS - Shhhh. Don't tell the kid - but I play with her building blocks when she's asleep. It makes me miss the MASSIVE collection of Construx I amassed as a child. 
  • NETFLIX - I am finally hitting some balance in my streaming. I watch one season of a TV show and then a documentary or a film. Some recent likes? Orange Is the New Black, Atlas Shrugged II, A Late Quartet, and Bully (a sad, sad thing that really should be seen).
  • KNITTING - Plugging away a little here and there. It is good when I'm trying to stop sweating after running and showering.
  • FLOW FREE - The only app/game I play on my phone. 
  • WRITING - Not just my blog posts, I've recently revisited and restarted a book I started about eight years ago. I'll get bored with this . . . soon . . . and shelve it again. 
  • LEARNING - I have a new job in an industry that is brand new to me. And there is a learning curve there. I'm also trying to get acclimated on gymnastics (if only to chat with my daughter in a knowing way after her classes), tiny homes, Parisian history, and Jewish history. 
  • GOOGLING - This may sound strange but since first logging on to the Internet in 1994, I've never really "used" Google. I go to the same dozen or so webpages for everything in my life and I barely use the search function on those sites but - lately - I just Google and let things happen. The topics above, other topics, random words, etc. Fascinating stuff. 

What do you do when you are busy but want to spend a few minutes every now and again feeling like you're getting away with murder?