Top of the Lake . . .

A few weeks ago a friend on Twitter suggested I watch Top of the Lake on Netflix. I am ALWAYS open to Netflix suggestions (so long as it is not Arrested Development (which was NOT nominated for best comedy - I would happily remind you here - at yesterday's Emmy Nominations ceremony)) and this show did not disappoint.

I don't know exactly why I loved it (there is some happiness and redemption but most of it is very sad) and it, like the Killing, is about broken families, lies and secrets and truth and trust. I think what I loved most about it was the unbelievably beautiful setting of the series. It forced me to sort of accept the ugliness happening/against the beauty.

I would try to explain the show but I'm really bad at summarizing complicated, suspense-driven stuff without giving it all away. Anywho - here is a little vignette about the series (that will set the stage for me/you). I would highly suggest checking it out - if you are so inclined.