Sweet New Ride . . .

Well, I did it. I FINALLY (three years after starting to have the conversation aloud that it was "probably" time to do it) I bought a new car on Friday.

I technically bought him Thursday. Well, Saturday - officially. Here's the thing . . . I'm a neurotic mess of a man so I did this the only way I could. I exhaustively researched cars and options online for three years, went to and fro on what I wanted and why (my Volvo obsession that started in 1994 will have to wait another handful of years, at least). I looked and looked and looked on every car lot in Wichita while not wasting too much time for the sales professionals trying to earn a living (and had far less awkwardness than our own Mayor Brewer in the process, I might add).

Then - when I decided I was sorta' ready (I had decided THE car would be a Nissan Note) I walked on the lot and, 30 minutes later, had test drove and started the buying process of a very different car (that I have been lusting after for about six months).

Few/none of you will know this but I've only owned one other car in my life. I had no car in high school or college (I barely got my license before leaving for college and had no reason to drive on campus (friends had cars for errands, trips, etc.)) and I happily used cabs, Metro, and the kindness of friends to get around in my DC days. I never even test drove Morpheus (my Matrix that I drove for a decade). I bought him over the phone and never debated the price, never squabbled over financing. Just bought him. And then drove him, slowly, in to the state he was in the other day. I HOPE to be better to this new car. I truly do.

Anywho . . . I just wanted to THANK the amazingly kind and professional people at Davis Moore Nissan here in Wichita for all their help and patience in the last three days. I highly suggest Wally as a low-pressure, highly attentive sales person and Antonio and Max (a fellow Upstate transplant) in the finance department were amazing, too.

I look forward to spending lots and lots of time with you Walter Sobchak. Hopefully we can share at least a decade of fun and work on the open road.