Seven Up . . .

My amazing daughter turns seven at 4:03 PM CT today. It blows my mind that I have a seven year old. I still can't believe, some days, I'm a parent at all. It has gone so fast and been so full and blessed and wonderful and challenging. Happy birthday, Bidds. I love you.

Moments old, Wichita.
One year old, Wichita.
Two years old, Wichita.
Three years old, Wichita.
4 years old (2 weeks shy), Philly.
5 years old (1 week shy), Ithaca.
Six years old (6 weeks after), Annapolis.
Seven years old (Eve of), Wichita. No. I'm not this fat. My over-sized shirt and slouchy posture
are adding about 80 pounds in this shot. The camera another 10 (frown).