Fridge Madness . . .

"This is my refrigerator. There are many like it but this one is mine." So starts one of the most haunting scenes of Full Metal Jacket. Okay, okay . . . they are talking about guns but I think, in their hearts, they were talking about the ol' ice box. And WHY? Because if I was at basic training being verbally, mentally, and physically harassed by superiors and colleagues alike - my brain would turn to my fridge. No - not because of what is IN it (my favorite comfort/snack foods are all shelf stable) but what is ON it. 

This really IS my refrigerator. I didn't even bother to clean it up for a photo. BAM!
Why? Simple . . . it is my catch-all. I'll bet many of you have things like "scrapbooks" and "organizers" and fancy things like "folders" and "bins" and extravagant things like "drawers" and "cupboards" but - for me - if it is important it is ON the fridge (including bills on top of it). Take a sampling of what is in the shot above . . .

  • Magnets from cities and places I've been or friends have been.
  • Art by my daughter, me, a hybrid, and other people
  • Postcards sent from people I love when they have been away
  • The card from one of my best friends in the world vowing he WILL see me in 2013 (year is half gone, fella' -we need to get a plan together)
  • My Hebrew Aleph-bet magnets
  • Pictures of my family and my daughter.
  • My KMUW magnet (one of a million)
  • A Jimmy Johns sticker - for no apparent reason (Okay, fine, I love them too!)
  • A "Kenton" name tag from the Apples & Arrows open house (now a throw back name tag)
  • A magnet from my dentist, where I shall go the MINUTE I have dental insurance again
  • My daughter's summer schedule (and our custody calendar right behind it)
  • My running schedule
  • A sketch of Gus looking very, very Gus-like
  • A glass cheese tray filled with fake citrus fruit for no apparent reason
  • And, finally (if you could see the other side), a set of my 2013 goals which I frantically take down and stash away when ever anyone comes over to visit
About once every six months I will clean up the magnetic square footage. I put some of the better drawings in Ava's scrapbook (yes, I have one) and I re-shuffle the things I intend to keep so they at least offer fresh perspective. I wipe down the surface and start gathering again and I am thankful that so many things that make me so happy can fit in such a small space - living in arrangement, growing with each magnet I'm sent or coloring sheet completed, each piece shrinking and curling with the heat and humidity, the whole thing becoming slowly unruly and then straightening with the occasional fussing.

My fridge may be the least orderly thing in my life and that is just fine with me. Because, again, there are many like it but this one is my own.