First Day Jitters . . .

There is this weird thing about the human condition where things never exactly hit expectations. Sometimes things go way above/beyond, sometimes they fall miserably short. Sometimes there are close, close, close but no cigar. It makes sense that this happens.

The reality is that expectations are set (most of the time) by just one person. That person never tells other people (including the people who are expected to, you know, meet the expectation) what they expect. There is probably no greater, universal example (I'd tell you about the first time I had In-N-Out  Burger but you people wouldn't understand why I was so disappointed so what is the point) of this than the "first _____."

Yes, yes. The FIRST. Date. Time. Kiss. Funeral. Warning. World War. Tuxedo fitting. Attempt at baking a multi-layered decorated birthday cake. Fight. Down. Etc. but let's talk about the first DAY. Because, my chance, I just had one of those.

I was not sure what to expect. I have not had a first day in nearly two years but I remember, generally, how they go. "Welcome. You sit here. BLANK will help you with this (no mention of how to find them). SO-AND-SO does that (but I won't even point in their direction). If you need a thing you can talk to THAT PERSON. Now sit there and wait for someone else to give you something to do." but that has always been in my professional life full of marketing.

The fact is, even when I worked at IBM, I've always been sorta' protected from a real first day because everyone I've really worked directly with has either been a professional communicator or knew how to deal with them/us (trust me - we are a different breed) so I had no idea how a first day in a truly corporate setting (where the operations department is larger than marketing and the sales team are not immediately power hungry idols of mine). I was sorta' nervous. I knew the marketing and sales team would be great but I was really not sure how everyone else might be and how well my loud, "assertive," no-boundaries personality might be perceived.

I am HAPPY to report today went really well. I met 12 people (there are between 35 and 50 people in my office, depending on who you ask) and everyone of them seemed great. Many came over and spoke to me first (there were a few awkward instances of eye contact (I'm right near the break room/TV playing Fox News Network way too loud) that immediately turned to panic and aversion) and everyone I approached was very warm and welcoming.

Perhaps as importantly there is a BOAT LOAD of work to be done (in a good way). There are lots of great things already started that I can help finish and there are loads of things that are waiting to get started that I think I can make a real difference on and with.

I'm glad I got my first day over with - now I am REALLY excited to get down to some real work on days 2 - 7,418,833(ish).