Call For Guest Posts . . .

Thanks to the GENIUS of my friend Bailey, I have a whole new strategy for guest blog posts and reader suggested content. The picture above.

Here's how this (should) work . . . you make up a story about the photo (could be the woman in it, could be the photographer, could be the ring she's wearing, could be about her friends and family not in the photo, etc.) and you send that story to me at SeanCAmore (at) g mail (dot) com. I'll share whatever is sent with my readers and you can plug any random cause, company, self-interest, or funny photo or video clip you want as your reward (and I can identify you, use your favorite nom de plume, or leave you anonymous).

I'll take all the stories and post them and then, in a few weeks, we'll let readers pick the best one and that person wins a $25 Jason's Deli gift card (don't know why I chose Jason's Deli but I did - so there).

Get writing. Be funny, smart, sensitive, deep, flippant, crass, or caring. There is no wrong answer here.

And I should clarify - I have NO idea who this woman is and I mean her no ill will or malice. I can't even remember what I Googled to find her photo (it was for a blog post so it was not like I was looking for her or using Google for the things I might otherwise use it for (I live alone 50% of the time, life is hard)).

IF you (by any odd fate) know her - please let me know. I do have a few questions.

Get writing. Get sending. Entertain me, fools.