Big Day . . .

Today is a very big day for me for various reasons. I have my first formal presentation at my new job and there are people at my old house giving it the "once over" for a potential buyer.

I am a little anxious. Not "scared" and not "freaked out" and I am positive that it will all work out just fine and I'll be a stronger, happier gentleman this evening than I was when I awoke this morning but I do want to take 15 seconds to ask for a simple favor - think happy thoughts today.

No. Not for me. I just said I'm fine. Do it for you. Don't let anything enter your mind that is not positive or upbeat. Don't worry. Don't fret. Don't lament. Don't allow fear or worry, fret or lament in. Be sure that today sis going to be a positive, happy, full day with its own rewards. Anything less - ANYTHING less is not going to help anyone . . . least of all YOU!