The Keys to Pregnancy . . .

I drew this in a few minutes. I'm not totally happy with
the shading but I only got one crayon at Denny's
If you think about pregnancy (and please do, it is fun to just let your mind wander and I'll BET you eventually think about nursery decor for no apparent reason) the key is that we hardly ever focus on the two parts of pregnancy that really, really matter . . . conception and the exit.

If you think about it the stuff in the middle is really just vitamins, rest, weird food cravings, support hose, nursery prep, boob swelling, mood swings, and fathers trying to help and just not knowing what to possibly do yet we pretend like it is all far more important because . . . why? It is sharable. (I over simplify here for lack of interest in being emotionally mature enough to acknowledge just how hard every day of pregnancy could be.)

Let me clarify that . . . the IMPORTANT parts of pregnancy (conception and birth) are really, truly intimate. Let's assume a pregnancy is not started in an act of hate, rage, war, or violence. Let's presume the birth is not in an act of hate, rage, war, or violence. If these standards are in place you have two (maybe three people if you like a camera man for documenting your "love making") at the beginning and probably five or six at the birth. Every other minute (plus or minus a little here and there) is for general consumption. You'll have to talk to people about it ("When are you due?" "How are you feeling?" "Are those twins?" "Who did that to you?" Etc.) and you'll have people (like me - because I am creepy and obsessed with a fetus in utero) touching your pregnant belly. You'll have pictures and status on Facebook that can be "liked" or "commented on" and you'll have doctors and medical professionals probing and scraping (I don't know what they scrape but in my fear and naivety they do). Forget about how little control you'll have once the little kiddo is out and about in the world.

Nope. You get just two moments per pregnancy that are personal, intimate, and small. And they are the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT moments of the process.

WHY am I prattling on about this? Well, I'm pregnant. No. I'm not. Seriously. I'm not. Stop crying, Mom. You're not going to be a Grandma again through my seed. Truthfully - I'm talking about this because there are hundreds of other scenarios in this world that are equally close and closed off and private. And they are important and they are huge in their diminutive stature. And, just like with pregnancy, we spend way more time with the crap in the middle to really realize what we have as we have it.

And why? We're way too busy picking out bedding and a lamp for the nursery.