In My Earholes . . .

Someone asked the other day what I listen to while I'm out running/sweating/panting/praying for the sweet release of death and I figured it was one of those questions that was really easy to answer and yet maybe not worth answering right away (the playlist of my misery is still very much a work on progress - the eventually goal is three and a half very tight hours of music (that's more than I'm going to need on race day anyway (sniff through the nose in a self satisfied way)).

But - in the meantime - I have nearly 100 songs and about seven hours of stuff that is on shuffle (for various reasons we can discuss later). Anywho - here it is - presented without any additional commentary or context. The only real thing it "must" have is a beat that makes me move and lyrics that are at no more annoying than the other runners all over this city making me look bad and trying to engage me along the way (seriously - stop it!).

Please to enjoy!