Gus . . .

Sorry, Peru, get something else for dinner.
This is Gus (or Fussy Gussy as my daughter and I have sorta' renamed him due to his fastidious nature). He is a 1 year old Guinea Pig and is the latest addition to the "Sean, you have no job but we are going to fill your life with things to keep you distracted, busy, happy, and in charge of somethings." He is my Father's Day present and I love him more than any 37 year old man should ever love an animal that is treated as a simple source of protein elsewhere in the world.

I don't know if I'll ever really blog about Gus. Let's presume wood shavings, hay, food, teeth grinders, veggies, vitamin C, and cage culture is not all that riveting to me or you, dear reader (there MUST be a blog out there dedicated JUST TO GPs - go find it (smile)) but he's part of the family now and I wouldn't want to mention him, in passing, years from now and have you be confused or - in a rare likelihood - offended I'd not introduced him to you the minute he became my latest obsession.

Seriously. Look at him. He's awesome. Truly. Greatest gift I've ever been given AND the only LIVING gift I've ever been give to boot.

Let's grow old together, Fussy Gussy. Let's see the world.