Celebrate . . .

I'm going to buy one (or maybe ALL) of the BIG "Seeds of
Happiness" for my new desk. They have inspired me!
Well, folks. It is over (it = my job search). I am thrilled to inform you that I was formally offered and formally accepted a job today and will HAPPILY be at work at 8 AM on Monday morning.

I won't really get in to the specifics of the job here (I am going to try something different and not make my work life part of my personal life for a few random reasons) but if you check me out on LinkedIn, you can see the 5Ws of the new job. What I WILL get in to here is how very, very much I appreciate being back to work AND all the kindness, support, love, encouragement, and direct help people have given me all these months. I am humbled and emboldened by it. I don't like ("hate" is a better word) asking for help and I'd much rather be giving the favor than taking but I didn't really know, until this phase in my life, how many people would be willing and readily able to help me out. 

Here is an overview of my unemployment - by the proverbial numbers . . . 
  • Days Since I Found Out My Job Was Going Away: 171
  • Days Since I Last Worked: 142
  • Number of Job Postings I Have Looked At: 532
  • Estimate to Replace the Cushion and Upholstery on the Bench I've Sat on 10 hours/day Nearly Every Day for the Last 6 Months: $350 (which I'll HAPPILY pay)
  • Number of Those Postings That Were Sent By a Friend/Professional Contact/Hybrid: 83
  • Number of "Thank You" Notes I've Written and Sent During This Process: 423
  • Number of Miles I've Walked/Run/Hybrid in Just the Last Month: 94 (Average of three per day)
  • Number of People I Asked to DIRECTLY Help Me With a Job Opening: 16
  • Number of People That HELPED When Asked: 16
  • Number of "Greetings from Wichita" Post Cards People Offered to Send One Job Lead for Me: 62
  • Number of Jobs I Formally Applied For: 51
  • Number of Jobs I Applied For With a "Contact" That Might Help Me With the Job: 48
  • Gallons of Iced Tea Brewed and Consumed: 41
  • Number of Formal Interviews (Including Phoners): 29
  • Number of Lunches/Breakfasts/Coffees/Etc. I've Had to Network: 23
  • Number of Times the Person Across the Table Offered to Pay: 22
  • Number of Time I Let Them: 21
  • Number of Meals I Owe Friends Who Picked Up Checks While I Was Unemployed: 42
  • Number of Meals I Owe Kevin and Nancy Hallacy Specifically: 11
  • Number of Call-Backs/Second Interviews: 16
  • Number of People That Touched Base with Me at LEAST 1x/week For This Entire Process: 11 
  • Number of People Who Checked In "Regularly": 20ish
  • Number of Times I Was Told I Was "A" Finalist: 9
  • Number of Times I Was Told I Ended Up in 2nd Place: 4
  • Number of Times I Cried and Bear-Hugged Kevin Hallacy Upon Getting the Formal Offer (He was with me - we went to see World War Z): 2
  • Number of Offers I Received that Were NOT Right For Various Reasons: 2
  • Number of People That Have Been "Rude" To Me During This Phase: 1
  • Number of Extra Hours I've Spent with My Daughter During This Process: Hundreds
  • Number of Times She and I Discussed Me Not Having a Job: 0
  • Number of Times I Said "No" to Her Because of Money: 1 (Just last week I refused to go out to breakfast - but blamed it on her needed to get to Summer Camp)
  • Number of Days I've Actively Worried About Money: 19
  • Number of Regrets I Have About All of This: 0