20 Years From Now . . .

The Flint  Hills. You GOTTA' love 'em!
Another Reader Suggested Post . . . "What's your ideal Sunday look like in twenty years?" GREAT question, loyal reader, and one with great loop holes.

You'll note that the question was not "describe your life in twenty years" or "what do you think you will be like/doing/enjoying/serving time for in twenty years." It was very specific. Just a random day of the week (The Lord's Day, for all your Christians). And yet - there is context there. No matter how I answer the question, I'll give some clue as to what my life might be like. Where will I be (might indicate where I live or vacation)? What will I be doing (might indicate how I would anticipate my overall health, strength, ambition, etc. might be)? Who might I spend it with (speaks to who I'll fill my life with)? Etc. I was trying to figure out how to paint a vague picture but - instead - I'll go all in . . . this, readers, is how Sunday, June 19, 2033 will play out for your (by then certifiably) Creepy Uncle Sean.

The second Sunday of my 57th year of life will play out like this . . . I'll get up around 9 AM CT. I'll be at my cabin (Tiny Home) in the Flint Hills. I'll have another Tiny Home here in Wichita where I'll still be working and actively engaged in the community Mondays through Fridays but I'll spend weekends just far enough out to feel isolated. I'll have breakfast on the porch swing while thumbing through the Sunday paper on my tablet/e-reader/technology equivalent by then. Following my nosh, I'll go for a walk around my acreage and maybe swing by my garden and grab some vegetables for later. Around 11:30 AM CT I'll get back to the cabin and put on some music (it will probably be some "oldies" (aka the stuff I listen to now since I think music is, generally, starting to decline and the stuff released two decades from now will probably bring me little true joy) and thumb through a book as the laundry spins. I'll make fun of all you sports fans watching whatever version of Football is the norm those days via whatever social media platform the 50-somethings use to taunt each other (probably MySpace). I'll spend a leisurely afternoon pre-populating blog posts and topics for the week (unless I've moved on to more formal writing and distribution by then (something I've toyed with)). Around 4:30 PM CT I'll get my weekly/standard call from my then-26-year-old daughter who will be living her own life by then. I don't know where she'll be or what she'll be doing but I picture her well educated, gainfully employed, in a healthy, loving, positive relationship (not married, no kids - statistics and trends are on my side here). She'll show me (all calls will be video by then) what she's working on around her home and we'll share a game of Connect Four before talking about her mother and me reminding her that she should always wear her safety belt, put some money in savings every week, and give some of every paycheck to someone in need or a charitable organization. She'll roll her eyes (because she already does this - not because I won't let it go). Around 6:30 PM CT I'll have some dinner. It will probably be a shake or protein supplement with some veggies for fun (I don't think we'll still eat actual "food" by then - the forces are already at work to make this real). Around 8:00 PM CT I'll feed my guinea pig its nightly meal and treat and I'll crawl in to bed (I will be getting up each morning around 6:00 AM CT on Monday to head back to Wichita) for the night with a mug of tea and a book (physical book vs. something on the e-reader).

I have no idea if I'll be alone or not (ten years ago when I met the woman I'd eventually marry we talked all about our 10, 20, 30 and even 40 year plans so . . .) but I know that I'll have wonderful friends and people I love/am loved by in my life on that day. I will feel fulfilled and happy. I'll be financially secure in whatever form/level of money that implies. I'll have a plan for the next twenty years on paper in my book of goals and objectives (a very real book I've had in my possession since 1994). I will be happy. I will be at peace. I will be a good person who gives for everything I get and who appreciates everything I get.

What will YOU be doing in twenty years from this Sunday?