Seeds of Happiness . . .

Hands down (and without a doubt) my favorite small business in the world right now has got to be Seeds of Happiness. I first learned about them from a friend/former colleague and the more I look, the more I love.

The company was founded by a man (who seems really happy to be doing what he loves and making people happy by doing it) struggling to help friends cope with cancer in the family and then evolved to make other family, friends, (first) and (eventually) perfect strangers all smile and be a little happier via lumps of glazed clay

The mission of the organization is clear in how they do business:

  • Affordable
  • Good portfolio of products (all of which seem customer demand driven (not a bad way to innovate, entrepreneurs) 
  • Small

and every time I check their site they have at least one limited-time campaign to tie their business to charity (right now you can buy One seeds for Boston bombing victims and/or tornado seeds and help Moore, Oklahoma victims). Both examples drive the mission of the organization - providing the smiles that bring happiness to the world. You can also get a discount if you've served our nation. I mean HUGE companies with "fantastic" customer cultures and known commitments to being good corporate citizens don't even do these things - and they could probably far better afford to.

I am no entrepreneur (I think I have good ideas, I have a strong work ethic, I'm dedicated to my tasks and will be smarter and harder working than just about anyone on the payroll but I like going to work for someone else and the security that comes with being part of a team and in that environment) but if I was to start my own business, I'd want to have something not that different from Seeds of Happiness - and by that I mean one that makes people happy and gives back (I won't blatantly steal the idea of selling clay smiley faces and smiling memorabilia).

PLEASE think about where and how you spend your money. Who you "give" (hand over?) your hard earned pennies to and what they do with it and what you get in return does for you and those around you. You can support big companies that don't seem to really feel any bond with those around them or you can engage with small business that really, truly want to make the world a happier place.

Also - buy me one of these, ALL of these, and maybe one of these. Pretty please? It will make me smile!