Seasonal Playlists . . .

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't - for shame - I'm fantastic at it (one of the nine best in alllll of Wichita (he says with half embarrassment and half bizarre pride)) you know that I have a "Song of the Day" tweet that goes out - well - every day.

 I love music. A lot. I probably listen to music three or four hours a day and I like to pick out things that appeal to me for various reason. To that end - the daily songs are all songs that I really enjoy that I'm not at all afraid to admit I like (even when I should be).

Here's something you might NOT know (yet): 1) I DO organize the songs in to quarterly playlists (many followers have suggested that I do it and I'm also proud to have beaten them to the punch) and 2) The illusion is betrayed/the fourth wall broken as you will see that I (gasp) schedule the Song of the Day Tweets sometimes as much as a month in advance. I know, I know . . . for shame. Anywho - follow me on Twitter (seriously - you won't regret it (unless you are intelligent, engaged, sensitive, hate the term "giggidy" being used to describe women in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s, or have things better to do with your time than read my every Tweet). In the meantime . . . you can subscribe to the playlists through Spotify and I'll be sure to post the new playlist when I start Summer 2013 in late-June.

Please to enjoy.

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