In Memory of Sincerity . . .

This poor guy lost his mother at 4:30 AM this morning. I'm not entirely sure why he shared this news with the world via Facebook (I've been told that grieving and mourning are subjective and personal but I promise you that you'll NEVER learn of the death of someone I love in a way that allows you to "like" the news.) I digress . . . my concern is not with this guy. It is with his "friends." You see there is a far greater loss here, people - We collectively lost sincerity by the time the second person "liked" this update. 

And I'd also like to clarify that of the 72 comments, 31 were nothing more than "Sorry." (or something close to it. Only eight total people offered to do anything other than pray, send thoughts, or something completely passive like that.

UPDATE (05/28/13 at 9:16 AM CT) - A friend of mine posted to Facebook that her mother has a clot in her lung and, perhaps, some in her legs. She got several comments of support but no "likes." Perhaps I was premature in declaring sincerity dead.