"I Am That I Am" . . .

I really enjoy the music of Vampire Weekend. It is a little bit that they are prepsters. A little bit that they remind me of Paul Simon's Graceland if it just kept getting twisted, tweaked, and updated every few years. A little bit that they are really talented musicians. A LOT that they are wicked, wicked smart (Ivy Leaguers, no less (Columbia, specifically)).

My favorite part of each new song or album (which I get on the day it is released EVERY TIME) is digging through the lyrics to try to figure out what I get on my own and what I need help on.

This song from the upcoming album (to be released May 14th but you can pre-order now just about everywhere) is my favorite cipher yet. It is clearly about religion (Judeo-Christian, specifically) but I am not sure if it is pro- or con- and if it is about "him" or "us" or "them" in the process. I mean it makes references to biblical locations and G-d whipping Jews in to a lather not seen since an obscure Rolling Stones song about a spoiled little brat that didn't understand the world (BONUS POINTS ME as I GOT the reference).

Anywho - here is the song "Ya Hey" (but sang as to sound almost like Yahweh) with a convenient "lyrics video" to help you decode.

Let me know what you think and if you think the champagne is especially important (decadence?) and if the ponchos were about actual logistics (spraying carbonated, fermented grape juice around on a cold/windy day on a skyscraper on the island of Manhattan) or figurative (protections from the spoils and excesses of those around you).

See? They are deep. Or at least I am obsessed with making them so. I love these boys. You should too!