Choose To Think . . .

Trust me on this - give this video 9:30 and be better off for watching it. Then, as is the advice of David Foster Wallace - choose to think.

Will you think about "me" or will you think about the other people around you and the context of their lives as context to your life? I struggle, mightily, to opt for the second choice and I resent myself (truly) when I take the easy/lazy way out with the first. Parenting helps but it is still hard work . . .

As DFW points out - none of the decisions we make in terms of thought and behavior are really about intelligence  dogma, religion, creed, or rights. They are about human instincts and experience. They are about noticing that this is water.

And - remember - "Have a nice day." (In a voice that is the absolute voice of death.)

PS - Big thanks to former colleagues Courtney and Rob for bringing it (and by "it" I mean WATER) to my attention.