Nudity and Modesty . . .

Something remarkable happened at my home last night. No. I didn't see aliens, clean out the 'fridge or actually clean the closet I've been simply cramming stuff in since move in day last August. Nor, I might point out, did I spend my usual 3.5 hours (once my child was asleep) on Twitter, surfing the web, and otherwise distracting myself with the evil that is our digital world. Nope. What happened was far simpler and far more confusing . . . kiddo made me close the bathroom door while she took her bath.

Yeah. Weird. I have seen Ava naked nearly daily since the second she emerged from the womb. Literally. I can remember a good chunk of time where Ava would just compulsively strip down and run around the house naked . . . for hours at a time. Yet here we are - MODEST.

I should clarify I'm a "never nude" and can not imagine a phase where my parents would bathe me or have me bopping around naked (I blush just thinking about it) and I try to be naked as little as possible to this day. I have ALWAYS been this way. I think it is shame over being a fat kid (was never mocked for it but I could see other boys shirtless at the pool and know I had some "issues"). I was probably younger than my daughter when I first decided I should have privacy for all naked times. I can count on two hands the entire universe of people that have seen me naked - yes - I would change before/after gym class in a stall and changed only once my roommate had left the room all through college. I don't resent this new development in my parental challenge. I'll accept it. I knew it would eventually come.

I guess I'm just left wondering WHY now? WHAT happened? Did someone say something? Is this just part of how the brain develops? Was there something she saw on TV, heard at school, or overheard in conversation? Did someone tell her she should be modest in front of her own father (her mother claims nudie-time is alive and well there)?  Is this a thing where once she loses a magical number of baby teeth she realizes that "her body is her own and is not for sharing"? How can I be sure that she's really getting her hair properly washed and conditioned if I'm not allowed in the bathroom anymore? What does this mean for trying on new clothes at the store? Will she still change in to her bathing suit with me in the "family locker room" at the Y?

Yes. These are the deep questions that haunt my brain. I need to get back to work . . .