Navy Blue Blazer . . .

I wanted to talk with you for a minute about the navy blue Hopsack blazer. No. This is not turning in to a "fashion" blog (not that there is anything wrong with those, if you are so inclined). I, instead, wanted to talk with you about the navy blue blazer as a metaphor. BUT I have to talk about it as an article of clothing first (indulge me, dear reader).

Picture, if you will, a seven year old Sean Amore. Not that much different than the current one only he had a lot more hair. Now picture him clothes shopping for the second grade. Yep. Just my mother and me (my parents took us all clothes shopping individually for sanity's sake) at my favorite store (even then), JC Penney. She's trying to show me the best in current fashion 1983 and the "husky" section of America's department store had to offer . . . I'm distracted this beautiful, bronze buttoned bastard over in the corner. I begged, I pleaded, I negotiated, I threw one of those "rolling on the floor" fits and BAM - she bought it for me. And with that, my fashion fate was sealed.

Almost thirty years later, I can honestly tell you I've never NOT had at least one navy blue blazer in my closet (I've toyed around with the fabrics and the textures over the years but the navy blue, two button blazer remains a staple). There are a handful of other things I "must" have in my life . . . chinos, white, button-down collared oxfords, penny loafers, argyle socks but the MOST important is the blazer. Why?

Simple. You can wear it anywhere. With anything. For any reason. Walking your kid to school? Navy blazer. Going to a client meeting? Navy blazer. Running to get milk at 3 AM in your pajamas? Navy blazer. Blustery fall day? Navy blazer. Funeral? Navy blazer. First date? Navy blazer. Meeting with your divorce lawyer? Navy blazer. You get my point. It looks good with everything, it doesn't require too much affection or care (a dry cleaning every six months and spot cleaning when you filth it up is it) and it will never make someone look at you thinking you're "over" or "under" killing anything by wearing the garment.

Okay. Fashion lesson adjourned. What is the point of this? You have to have a mental or emotional "constant" in your life (Like Penny was for Desmond on LOST) and you have to have something physical in your life that you care about, that gives you some sort of comfort, that gives you solace, and that helps you in every situation you face. I'm not talking about your spouse, cat, or children. I'm talking about some trinket. For some it is a rosary or crucifix. A wedding ring. The tattoo on your calf. A Star of David on a chain. A broach from your mother. An AA "chip." It could be a travel coffee mug. It might be cigarettes, booze, or heroin (and if it is shame on you (smile)). A stick of gum. Gummie bears. Smart phones or tablets. Those Addidas sneakers RUN DMC wore. Maybe the Quran/Koran. It is a personal thing. It means something to you and you alone or perhaps you know a person or 300 that have the same bond with the same "thing." Raise your hand if you love the navy blue blazer . . . NONE of you? Really? Fine. You do your thing, I'll do mine. And look GOOD doing it.