Love, Love, Love . . .

I was perusing my iTunes library while working on a mix "tape" (CD/playlist) this weekend. I was not really sure who the  mix was for or what the point of the mix was . . . which, of course, violates the first two rules of a good mix:

  • Know thine audience
  • Know thine theme
  • Get as close to 80 minutes as you can knowing you can't go one second over
(I digress. A LOT.) but I stumbled upon "Love, Love, Love" by Of Monsters and Men.

I really enjoy Of Monsters and Men. They have a great sound and a pretty unique style and I'm not entirely sure if this song is auto-biographical or not (let's assume "yes" in the spirit that EVERY song ever written - including (may G-d have mercy on their souls) "C'mon Ride It" (aka Ride the Train) by the Quad City DJs - comes from a place of honesty) but it is that sort of song . . . not much unlike "Top of the World" by The Dixie Chicks (it's okay to stop being mad at them, folks) that makes me feel really bad for the subjects (real or imagined) of the song(s).

Both songs deal with the same basic theme . . . love. Specifically the inability to give/receive/share/build it in a happy, healthy, honest, partnered dynamic. Of course, as is the case with anything that pulls at your heart strings, both songs imply that just ONE person is at fault. The OTHER person is probably fully adjusted, well natured, brushes, flosses, AND rinses for two minutes, twice a day. The OTHER person votes, even in local-only, off-year, primaries with unchallenged ballots. THEY get it. THEY deserve better.

Which one are you? The "better" or "worse" half of your world?

By the way - I never actually finished the mix. I blame the lack of a recipient and/or theme. Rules are rules, people. Respect 'em.