Lost and Found . . .

I was digging through some crap last night (I need a job - I've run out of random things to do to fill the idle time while my child is in school, with her mother, or doing that snore thing she does so well) and I stumbled across a tape I made for my high school friends and I (about 19 years ago this time of the year . . . I don't know the exact date) and I thought it would be fun to sit in my car and listen to it long enough to pull a track list. Why is this fun? Simple - I left the car running in the garage, with the door down to encourage speed. I kid. And suicide by car fume is not funny. So now I apologize. And digress. Oh - yeah - why is this fun? I was GOING to just put up a play list of songs I am currently listening to.

So here is the 2013 mix . . . you'll note that there is a nice variety of genres and ages of the music but it still has my signature crappy pop tune or two thrown in and you can pick up traces of parenting (like the Disney song to kick it off) in the mix as well. I settled on a theme of "kite flying" while making this mix. Hope that comes through. Please to enjoy:

And THEN I put a mix together that digitally replicated my tape. Coupla' notes before you dig in to the high school mix (originally recorded on an actual cassette in a double-deck cassette player INCLUDING a dub-of-a-dub-of-radio-recording on the Big Mountain track (last song . . . which cut off about 1/3 of the way though but . . . you'll get the picture). Why YES! There are TWO tracks on the 1994 mix from the Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack. I don't see the problem . . . and there is ONE song missing . . . "In the Still of the Night" by Boyz II Men. I could not find it on Spotify. Please accept my humblest apologies.

So . . . I cautiously ask . . . which Sean had better taste in music? 1/2 A Lifetime Ago Sean or Today Sean? Third person always makes me feel less self-doubtful.