Learn Something EVERY Day . . .

I am doing a little "consulting" to fill my days lately (keeps the brain sharp, gets me out of the apartment, allows me to drone on and on and on) and I'm very much enjoying it. But this post is not about my freelancing ways . . . nope. It is about HELIUM!

WHY? You may ask (although probably not in all caps) are you going to make an entire post about helium? Simple . . . we're running out of it. The world (depending on who you ask) - in about 25 years - will have NO more helium left. Think about that for a minute. In our lifetimes (besides you, Great Ma-Ma, you old bag (DISCLAIMER: I have no Great Ma-Ma but if I did I would love her and never want her to die) we will see a day where we can't have helium balloons, we can't use helium to make our voices crazy, we won't be able to perform several medical procedures and the Disney/Pixar movie Up will make no sense to children (DISCLAIMER: The balloon-lifting-the-house premise of Up should make no sense to adults or children TODAY either).

To get back on point . . . we're going to run out of helium. I ONLY know this because I was doing some brainstorming and one of the participants mentioned it. I was overwhelmed by this. Too many questions, too many confusions, etc. So I dug deeper (then and since). The foot race is on to replace it or advance past it in all of the contexts we current know/use/presume it and that will require great ingenuity (in some cases) and why? Because we can not make more helium. Know what else we can't make any more of? Curiosity (see what I did there?).

We have a cliche that we "learn something new every day" but do we? I start every post-school conversation with my daughter not with "What did you DO today?" but "What did you LEARN today?" and she, even in a formal education setting will reply most days "Nothing." Imagine if we asked our fellow adults the same question? And yet I can PROUDLY say that I do learn something new every day. Even if it is something I do not want to know or don't think I have any actual value for. It still gets in my head because I'm curious enough about the surface of my brain that I poke at it and look around for something that can/will crawl in there.

Do me a favor - turn to your spouse/child/significant other/physician/arresting officer/butcher/baker/candlestick maker/whomever else might be next to you and ask them "What did you learn today?" and if they say "Nothing" . . . tell them something you find interesting and ask them to do the same for you.