Get Outside . . .

I spend a LOT of time (40ish hours/week) with this EXACT view (okay, fine, there may be a 52 oz. QuikTrip cup of iced tea, a notepad, the corpse of a vagabond, some color pages, a few Triscuits, some knitting, my probation officer, my "to do" list, and/or a burning candle or two in the line of sight but this is APPROXIMATELY my "exact" view). I don't want it to be this way. I hate it, candidly. Until I get back to work though . . . this is the best I can do.

I want to approximate a work day and some work/life balance in my 400 square foot home/world. I look for work, I touch base with my network, I light candles to romance myself (I don't DO anything about it, relax. I'm a gentleman.), I handle e-mail, I try to do my part to speed the sale of the old house, I lie about my tendency to kill vagabonds, I pretend I have a probation officer, and there are bills to pay, etc. But I've never agreed more with John Mayer (sorry, Careen, Jill, Andrea, et al) than in the last few months . . . I just want to leave the "great" indoors.

It feels small, cramped, pessimistic, cold, isolated, and lived in. It looks bright, colorful, and (generally) sunny. I have a playground across the street where I can watch children (no, NOT in "that" way) including my own daughter run, hop, jump, and play during their recess time at school. I have music (current favorite is Olafur Arnalds) and podcasts (current favorites are Tablet Magazine's Vox Tablet and PTI (the ONLY sports knowledge I have comes from this podcast) to keep me company. The mail guy brings me daily delights and torment. But man . . . I miss having some place to go, a challenge waiting for me, and the reward of coming home after a long, full, productive day.

If you hate your job . . . find a new one. If you hate your home . . . move. If you hate your family and friends . . . get some help. If you hate being indoors all day . . . get outside. If you feel like your world is tight and cramped . . . watch THIS:

No matter what you do though - try to separate your lives in to some compartments of work (be that a full time job, volunteering, running your kids around, muling heroin for a cartel, managing a pornographic production company, etc.) and life (parenting, playing board games, watching Netflix, reading, growing, walking, running, biking, acting in pornographic productions, etc.). I'm three months in to this blur and I've never been more aware of how much I hate the blur.