DonaSean UPDATE . . .

No. I don't know these folks but they brought a cat to a
public place and had a photo take so I love 'em anyway.
Wellllllll . . . My friends at KMUW took a few hours more than planned (appeals on Monday morning vs. ending on Saturday, as hoped) BUT they have reached their very ambitious goal of $300k in listener pledges. More impressive? They did it with the utmost professionalism. KMUW staffers and volunteers did the RIGHT THING to allow breaking news, updates, social trends, and general decorum to interrupt the planned effort and supersede social media pushes, on-air calls for pledges, and even the way the "gravity" of public radio funding was positioned against death and chaos in Boston and Texas. To that I say BRAVO!

Slight housekeeping note: with MUCH thanks to everyone that participated in DonaSean, we were able to help make a difference and add $1,625, if my notes are correct. That is a 25% improvement over Seandraising last fall and it nets out to about .5% of the total amount raised by the station. Clearly I'll take no credit for the overall success nor imply or pretend they are lucky to have my involved (they are very kind to indulge me though . . . ).

The success of the DonaSean effort means there will be another six month drought (if only for ME and my anxieties) of "boob" talk on The Social Mediums (?) and a crayon party with some snacks and beverages for everyone that participated.

THANK YOU for your donations and, more importantly, THANK YOU KMUW for the amazing effort and the great programming you fill my earholes with.