April Fools' Day . . .

So today is actually one of the FEW holidays that I truly, truly love and while I don't really know why (yes - stares at floor and kicks awkwardly at the dirt - I do . . . because it is where fun/mean blur and shame abounds) I wish people did more with it. Yes. It is APRIL FOOLS' DAY (note the proper apostrophe usage there and call me, women who are juiced up by proper grammar . . . all three of you) and that means it is prank time.

Let's go back in time. WAY back. To a time where people didn't like to pay for long distance (but were expected to) and not every phone had caller ID. You back there with me (yes, it is approximately the time pictured here)? Good. So here's what you would do . . . dial the toll free number (if only to annoy my (then) super cheap boss who had to pay for the toll free usage) to my office and simply say "April Fools' Day" and hang up when myself or one of my ten colleagues answers the phone and . . . after about 150 of you do it in a two hour span . . . watch as my boss actually EXPLODES with rage on the ONE phone call that came in that day that was NOT part of the prank.

Ahhhhh (Pauses for self-induced, out loud chuckles of laughter. I'm not kidding, if you were here with me as I typed this you'd be super, super embarrassed for me.) - THOSE were the days. I've been involved in LOTS of other pranks. Some stronger. Some weaker. Some nicer. Some meaner. So WHY did I like this prank? Simple. It was short (five - MAYBE ten - seconds per call). No property was destroyed. No tears were shed. No permanent angst was inflicted. No one was harmed or upset. And that made it perfect. Because the POINT of the day is to IDENTIFY the fools among us . . . not to mock/scorn/lay waste too or MAKE fools of anyone). Just point them out.

So if you got that e-mail from me in 2002 and actually CALLED my office. First: Thank you. I'm STILL laughing 11 years later. Second: YOU are a fool for doing it. Third: You helped expose ALL my colleagues as fools for continuing to answer the phone fully expecting the obvious at the other end. Fourth: You are all good eggs and I adore you all.

Take a few minutes today and just enjoy some good natured fun. Test the waters to see if your buddy/spouse/ex-wife/mother in law/probation officer/Facebook crush/sexting buddy is a "fool" or not and see if you can share a laugh with them. Put the cruel stuff down. Step away from the mean spirited crap. End the public shaming. Just have some fun and make sure everyone gets a laugh.

OH . . . and if you're bored and want to go "retro" . . . (888) 638-0220. But know they PROBABLY have caller ID at that office by now.