Undefeated . . .

As you well know - if there is one thing I love, it is sports (that is sarcasm). One thing I really DO love? Character.

And the documentary "Undefeated" has nothing but character and characters with character.

The focus of the movie is high school football. But, a la the greatest TV show that no one ever watched for some stupid reason . . . CONNIE BRITTON, people (Friday Night Lights), it is not really "about" football at all. Nope. It is about hope, promise, leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and wholesale lumber. Sorta.

I don't want to talk too much about it (I'm horrible at giving away movie endings . . . I was the ONLY person in the summer of 1999 to tell someone "You'll freak out when you learn Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.") but I'll say that the movie will leave you inspired, engaged, and wanting to do something about your own character and the way character is developed in young people. A sample of the genuine joy and love these young men are given . . .

"Football doesn't give you character. It exposes character."
- Coach Bill Courtney

I talk entirely too much about this but my one hope and prayer in this life is to not screw up my kid. I want to  give her a toolbox/bag of tricks that is well equipped, sharp, smart, giving, and joyful. The centerpiece of that ensemble has to be character. Strong, focused character.

I know I can't be the only one to help form it. Certainly her mother is on board and doing a great job. Our larger family. Our friends. Her friends. Their families. She'll have mentors, idols, heroes, coaches, trainers, directors, advisers, etc. I had some. I had great ones. They helped shape my character. And, like with me, you, and everyone else, somewhere in the mix will come the people who aim to knock her down, challenge her position, make her feel "less than" and otherwise obstruct her path. They, too, will give her character. I say bring them on. A full bag of tricks can handle that. Will WELCOME that.

ONE NOTE: If your kids play football . . . always do that thing where you put the helmet through the shoulder pads and carry them to the car for the kids. That seems important.