Snake In My Pants . . .

First Woody wanted you to know there was a snake in his boot. Then Samuel L. Jackson wanted you to know he was sick of all these m*therf*cking Snakes on the Plane. NOW, a Nutmeg State (Connecticut for the unacquainted) legislator wants you to know there is a snake in his pants. That is, of course, if "you" is a teenage girl. Testifying. On the record and in an open hearing. About social anxiety. Yes. In a world of Creepy Old Men and Aloof Creepy Old Men in Power this guy takes the cake (this week - he'll be out buffoon-ed within a fortnight).

Don't get all "you hypocrite" eye-rolley with me. I'll happily admit that I say inappropriate and moderately creepy things all the time. ALL the time. And like in this example people generally laugh but . . . BUT . . . I'm way more likely to say something horribly awkward to this girl's (grand)mother than a teen, I'm not an elected official at a public hearing (maybe someday . . . ), and I'm actually FUNNY (some of 'em fall a few inches short of hilarious but - hey - pain is love, love is growth).

The largest issue in this most-recent example of people in power saying and doing stupid things is that it is just the LATEST example. These things seem to be near daily at this point (the rise of social/digital media shows its true colors) and it seems like no one else is paying attention. If I saw a colleague say something stupid and get their hand slapped, I would try no to say something stupid. If a peer put their tongue in an electrical outlet, I would laugh HARD and then refuse to put my tongue on the energy stream. If my friend jumped off a bridge I would . . . you get my point. These people are elected to LEAD. They are our "finest citizens" and our "ambassadors," right? Right (and by that, I'm agreeing - I am wrong). They wake in the morning with a desire to lead and serve. They run. They win. They win again and again and again (in many cases) and yet they don't seem to be in touch with the people or how to really represent and honor them at all. There seems to be no "punishment" in being a fool in such a public capacity and on the "dime" of the people you have offended.

To be clear, this fine fella' was stripped of his leadership position in the legislature and gave an apology that proves just how aloof he really is:

"I take full responsibility for my actions. In hindsight, I can really see how this can be misconstrued as something sexual."

Um, dude (said with the greatest possible respect) unless you actually HAD a snake, in your pants, under the desk and this is a sequel to the Naked Gun movie franchise ("Nice beaver." "Thanks. I just had it stuffed." (hands down taxidermy enhanced mammal)) it was ENTIRELY SEXUAL (vs. something that could be misconstrued as something sexual).

I am really confused how people say and do things this stupid but I'm also confused . . . Doesn't the body have a natural way of shutting that whole thing down? Oh. Wait. Wrong aloof elected official.