I Get Skurred . . .

I have a lot of idle time lately to think and stew. I try to use those hours for good. I really, really do. And I have been largely successful - I've been applying for and interviewing for lots of jobs, my home is clean, my laundry done, my dish rack empty and clean (including the smegma that was growing on its underside), I cook my own meals, and every random errand/mailing/etc. I had to do is done. I've even been ticking off long-outstanding mix CD requests (ready for more, dear readers).

A good chunk of the rest of my time is spent parenting. More still spent studying for Jew School and reading in general. I listen to music. I watch a tonna' Netflix on my Roku. I go for walks (I should go for more walks).

Try as I might to stay busy and productive though . . . I still find time left over for fret and worry.

No. I don't worry about money or security (a new job is around the corner and money is fleeting) and I don't worry about the stuff my normally self-centered brain goes to. Nope. Instead I am scared of things like . . .

  1. The state of politics in Kansas.
  2. The guy in Dillons who could not explain the "cookie vs. creme (no, not cream)" Oreo promotion to my child despite being HIRED to run the promotion.
  3. I took a pledge from a KPTS donor tonight who would pay $525 for him and five other people to see THE TENORS
  4. That a woman I used to date self identified herself as a seven. When did THAT happen?
  5. I am thinking about buying a new car in December to mark the 10th anniversary of owning my current (and to date ONLY) car.
  6. The state of education in Kansas.
  7. I obsess over these. Daily. 
  8. A stranger on the street today told me that she needed to find a bathroom before her "guts leaked into her shoes." And I HELPED DIRECT her to a restroom vs. running from her.
  9. The state of art and culture in Kansas. (FACT - If they reach the goal for plates sales here, it will EQUAL the state's budget for TOTAL direct expenditure on the arts in Kansas).
  10. My parents REALLY think the only reason the Pope is retiring is because of his health.
  11. I never saw (nor did I understand) the end of the movie Red Lights coming but I REALLY enjoyed the movie.
  12. Ha. Ha. Haaaaa. Bush 2016 rumors. Haaaaaa. 
  13. People are making "Harlem Shake" videos. Still. 16 minutes later. In HUGE numbers.
  14. I got an e-mail today from a person I've known for 19 years and they spelled my name S-H-A-U-N. He E-MAILED me that. My E-MAIL address starts with my FIRST NAME SPELLED CORRECTLY. Shaun? REALLY? The second most obnoxious way to spell the name (you're still the King, Schoon - yes, I knew someone that spelled it that way). 
  15. I thumbed through Splurge magazine today. Twice. And not even on the toilet. (You're welcome for THAT mental image.)
  16. The Jodi Arias trial is STILL going on. And the jury has ONE HUNDRED questions to ask before they settle on a verdict. 
  17. It was headline news today that they MAY know the gender of the baby growing inside the maybe-future-queen-of-England. And it's NOT a boy (ruh-roh, Reorge!). I kid. I don't give a DAMN about that baby.
  18. My ex-wife told me she "never" reads my blog! When did THAT happen?
  19. I will probably never get over the massive creativity that some people posses. I have BIG ideas. I'm a BIG thinker that can problem solve. But my ideas rarely create magic
  20. Just about EVERYTHING in Kansas.

Someone. Please. Hire me. My brain is turning to even greyer matter.